All of the information shared is kept confidential unless written release is approved and signed by you. 
Certain legal limits on confidentiality do exist and do not need a release from you:
1.  If there is convincing evidence that you are in immediate danger to yourself or others.
2.  If you are involved in medical emergency.
3.  Incidents of child or elder abuse, including physical, sexual or neglect must be reported by me to the necessary agencies.
4.  A court of law may subpoena information and may order release of information.




If you do need to cancel I do ask for a 24-hour notice of our scheduled appointment time. Fifty percent of payment is expected if cancellation is less than 24 hours. If you no-show full payment is required. Exceptions are sudden illness, accidents or emergency. Thank you for your help and adherence to this policy.



Payment is due at time of session. I do not provide direct billing for insurance at this time. If your financial situation changes in anyway, please let me know so we can discuss this and perhaps make possible adjustments. A $25 charge will be taken on all returned checks. Cash, check and credit card payments in the form of Mastercard and Visa are welcome. There will be no refunds on services already provided.




You have the right to terminate our therapeutic relationship at any time. You have the right to informed consent. You may ask me about my training, experience and philosophy at any time. To ensure the safety of both client and therapist, I reserve the right to refuse service to those who are impaired by alcohol or drugs, have an infectious illness or behave inappropriately. Sexual intimacy between client and therapist is prohibited and sexual solicitations will not be tolerated. You will be draped at all times.